The property is located in Escambia Farms, Florida, north of Baker, Florida and south of Wing, Alabama. For public events, please enter through the gate on the left at 8006 Hwy 189 North. To arrange private visits, please contact us. 

The property is primarily for foster and adoptive children and their families to live, work, learn, and grow on. 

Absolutely! While the ministry is still in its infancy, please email for more information on how you can get involved. 

The ministry was founded by Mark Welton, and is headed up by Mark, his Father, Don, chief financial officer, Kristen Ellis, Media and Communications Director, Sheena Faircloth, Real Estate and Community Advisor, Brett House, Pastor Paul Mixon, and Aviations Consultant Billy White. 

Lillian Van Horton and her daughter remain as inactive lifetime board members. 

It is the heart of Triple R Ministries to work with foster and adoptive families by providing them a working community to live and grow in. The ministry will work with these families on an individual basis to come up with a plan to either use ministry funds or the families funds to provide housing for that particular family. 

The ministry is looking for all types of donations. Power tools, land movers, building materials and supplies, aviation parts and supplies, airplane hangers, etc. Contact us about your donations!

Absolutely! We have vehicles available to tour the property. Contact us so we can set up a weekend plan to show you around. 

The Founder of Triple R has had many words in mind over the years that has seen the ministry into fruition. Triple R Ministries is referred to as a refuge for rebirth and renewal. The Ranch is referred to as the Renaissance refuge ranch. Words like rest simply describe the ranch setting. 

Yes! Triple R Ministries is currently available to all foster families in the area for camping and recreation. Please contact us for availability. 

We are looking for various businesses and individuals who might be willing to donate both financially, or in the form of labor, materials, or consulting. Please contact us so we can discuss the opportunities available. 

Triple R Ministries was birthed out of a childhood dream and the adult vision of Founder and CEO, Mark Welton. Mark has since met with the leadership of Big Oak Ranch in Birmingham, Alabama and is following their lead in many areas. The board of directors remain in constant contact with Big Oak Ranch and work in conjunction with Planting Oaks.

Planting Oaks is a branch of Big Oak Ranch that aids developing foster care ministries.

All aviation related questions should be directed to Billy White or Mark Welton. Please call 850.682.2120 and your call will be directed. 

We are in the process of producing promotional and fund raising materials. This website is also continuously being developed. Shirts are available to purchase at $20 and we anticipate having brochures available to hand out by early July 2020. 

Yes! We are selling shirts and plan to have our first family fundraiser in October 2020. Check back for more details on coming events.