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Hawkin's House

The "Hawkin's House" is the first home on the property.
This house used to be the Escambia Farms School Teacherage and was purchased
for the ministry in 2020 by an anonymous donor.
The home needs to be completely renovated to accommodate our volunteer Ranch hand and his soon to be wife.
Renovations needed include plumbing, electric, carpentry, new roof, clean up, porches, and foundation and structure support,
among other projects. If you can help with this project by giving time or funds, please contact us!

Volunteer Ranch-hand home
Completed 55%

Current needs for the Hawkin’s House (updated 7 October 2021):

Renovate 2 bathrooms: $10,000 estimate

Repair, and polish flooring $4,500

Drywall & insulation

Paint inside/outside

Electric work / HVAC work

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